Portrait frame, before and after conservation

About My Frame
Conservation Services

Achieving the desired effect

First I must personally examine your frame to assess its needs and the available options. The crucial goals are to stabilize the frame’s structure, ornaments and surface, and to ensure that it properly holds and protects the painting. Additional treatments may be added, such as restoration of missing ornaments, removal of later paint layers, and regilding of lost surfaces.

After examination you will receive a proposal that offers at least one treatment option, with all costs clearly identified. The frame can be brought to any legitimate state you desire, ranging from minimal repair and stabilization to comprehensive restoration of lost ornaments and gilding. Your final invoice will not exceed the original estimate.

All materials and techniques are of the highest quality. Materials with subjective compositions such as gesso and clay bole are made by hand and adjusted for each project. Only genuine gold and silver leaf, laboratory grade chemicals, and proven conservation-safe materials are used.

Comprehensive service is provided throughout the project. I work closely with excellent conservators of paintings and paper, and transport frames between our studios to provide one-stop service for the client. I have all the correct equipment and experience to ensure that art objects are handled properly. Hanging, mounting, and any other helpful services are easily accommodated.

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